OPQS Takes on 'Top-Secret' Mission

Friday 23 November 2012 - 16:18

Everything is ready for the team's Team Building initiatives in Slovakia. Team staff and athletes will leave Brussels on Monday, November 26, and head to Lest, in Slovakia, where the team will work until Thursday morning on a series of what can only be considered "special" activities.

"Thanks to the support of our Slovakia-based partner Janom, this year we were able to organize our annual Team Building efforts in an absolutely unique location, that is to say, at a military base," Tom Steels said. "Our guys and our staff will spend two days working on a series of activities that have nothing to do with bicycles but which will surely help us to form a cohesive group before the start of next season and allow us to understand some of the team dynamics, which could turn out to be important to better get to know some of the skills of our new members."

Details of the activities are still top secret.

"I can only say that we are going to be experiencing some special times," assures Tom Steels. "With Guy Ivens, the activities coordinator, and with the extraordinary support from people we've found here in Slovakia, we will create unique scenarios calling for discipline, respect for the rules, adaptability and reciprocal help. These are all elements that our guys will encounter during the season. It will be a pleasant surprise for everyone."

This event was organised in large part with help from team sponsor Janom.

Janom s.r.o. is a private investment company operating in several renewable energy sectors and in the field of information technology in Eastern Europe. It is also involved in electro-mobility activities, such as the development of project Green Way.

"It is a great pleasure for our company, country and participating parties that team will be here" says Jan Miskovsky, the Janom representative. "Something what came up just from a simple indefinite idea has turned into a complex breathtaking mission. We truly believe that team will find what it is looking for, in order to be uniquely prepared for upcoming season."