Gert Steegmans falls during training and fractures his right thumb

Wednesday 13 February 2013 - 14:15

After a fall during training yesterday, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, Gert Steegmans has suffered a small fracture to his right thumb, as well as a gash on his right hand, which required five stitches.

"I was riding back towards Monaco after training and simulating some sprints. In a split second I ended up on the ground. Right away I could tell there was something wrong with my right hand. So I went to the hospital and they diagnosed a fracture to my thumb. Fortunately, I was wearing winter gloves and so I avoided further complications."

Due to his injuries, Gert Steegmans will not take part in the Volta ao Algarve scheduled from tomorrow until Sunday. Frantisek Rabon will replace Steegmans.

"I'm really sorry that I won't be lining up for the start of the race," explains the Belgian rider. "I'm in good form and I wanted to be useful to the team and ride some good leadouts for Cavendish. Oh, well, tough luck... I'm sure I'll get another chance very soon."

Steegmans will observe a few days of rest and if there are no further complications he will soon be able to resume training. More information, and the date of his return to racing, will be forthcoming.