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What if I receive a wrong order?

Who do I contact for information about the delivery of my order?

What is the delivery time?

After payment the order is sent within the week.


What are the sizes and measurements of the clothes?

Vermarc Sizes (racing clothes)

 Size  Size  Chest
 in inches
 in cm
    Jerseys, Jackets, Gillets
 Size 3
 Medium  37-38  94-96,5
 Size 4
 Large  39-40  99-101,6
 Size 5
 X Large
 41-42  104,1-106,7
 Size 6
 2X Large
 42-43  109,2-111,8
 Size 7
 3X Large
 44-45  114,3-116,8
    Bib shorts and longs
 Size  Waist
 in inches
 in cm
 Size 3  Medium  31-32  78,7-81,3
 Size 4
 Large  33-34  83,8-86,4
 Size 5
 X Large  35  88,9
 Size 6
 2X Large  36  91,4
 Size 7
 3X Large  37-38  94-96,5
Size    Size    Chest
in inches    Chest
in cm
Jerseys, Jackets, Gillets
Size 3    Medium    37-38    94-96.5
Size 4    Large    39-40    99-101.6
Size 5    X Large    41-42    104.1-106.7
Size 6    2X Large    43-44    109.2-111.8
Size 7    3X Large    45-46    114.3-116.8
Size    Size    Waist
in inches    Waist
in cm
Bib shorts and longs
Size 3    Medium    31-32    78.7-81.3
Size 4    Large    33-34    83.8-86.4
Size 5    X Large    35    88.9
Size 6    2X Large    36    91.4
Size 7    3X Large    37-38    94-96.5

Can you trade a product that is the wrong size?

Yes, but it has to contain every label and be in its original package.


When is the fan day? Where can I subscribe? What is on the program?

More info will be available soon.

When can we ride along with the riders?

On the fan day there is the possibility to ride amongst the cyclists.

Rider/Staff Application

Where can I mail my curriculum vitae?

You can mail to: office@decolef.com.


Where and when is the stock sale? What are the prices for the bikes?

At the end of the year, all information will be on our website.

What do you sell at the end of the year?

  • Bikes
  • Frames
  • Material (wheels)
  • Clothes

Where can you buy the same material of the riders?

Through our webshop: www.omegapharma-quickstep.com/shop! You can purchase some materials also through our sponsors.


How can I subscribe for the race report/newsletter?

You can subscribe by going here: http://www.omegapharma-quickstep.com/en/contact

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